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As the whole world gathered around their gadgets to watch the Inauguration of Joseph Biden as the new president and Kamala Harris as the Vice president for the United States of America. And their much-awaited farewells to Clementine Trump, it is hard to ignore the fact of how far women have been able to rise in society. VP Kamala Harris is of South Asian and Jamaican descent; this is a great representation for minorities. Kamala Harris is the first female vice president in American history. She is paving the way for many more strong women to achieve high ranking positions within the parliament. 

Shockingly, it has taken so long for a woman to be in such a position of power. Every movement needs to start somewhere, which I believe will be a new dawn for women to achieve higher goals.
More and more women are needed in high-ranking positions of government. 

In a predominantly white government, a little melanin would not hurt anyone. Kamala Harris, being from such a diverse background, will help people of color to finally get the recognition they deserve. She hopefully has inspired them to reach after their aspirations of one day entering the political world. 
Kamala Harris has become a role model for many young women by breaking down barriers and patriarchy and finally rising above it all and becoming the Vice President.
For a long time, women’s voices have been silenced; leadership roles have been stolen from us with excuses made that women are unfit to lead, or women are too emotional and empathetic to have such power.
Enough is enough now, women are much stronger than anyone can comprehend. It’s times like these that we remember we hold such power and remind ourselves that the possibilities are endless.  
“What I want young women and girls to know is: You are powerful and your voice matters,” Kamala Harris. 
By becoming the first female VP, Kamala Harris has not only inspired women in America but all over the world. It will be a long journey for Biden and Harris to resolve all the damage left behind by the former president. Ireland’s relationship with America will become stronger, and we cannot wait to see what the new presidency will bring to the table.

Iqrah Muhammad

TU Dublin '24

Writer & Designer Aspiring Broadcaster , striving to create change for women in society.
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