5 DIY Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Being in lockdown gives us the chance to be more creative. Here are 5 DIY projects you can do to make this Mother’s day a little more special.

  1. 1. ‘50 Reasons Why I Love You’ Jar

    Take any mason jar or little box and decorate it. Write 50 reasons why you love them on little individual pieces of paper and roll them up. Tie each piece of paper with some string and you are good to go.


    This is a great sentimental gift that any Mother will cherish.

  2. 2. DIY Cupcake Bouquet

    red velvet cupcakes

    This is great for any mum with a sweet tooth.

    You will need:

    1. Cupcakes

     2. Frosting

    3. Piping Bags

    4. Wilton 1m Tip Or Star tip piping tool

    5. Clear tape

    6. Styrofoam ball

    7.Colored tissue paper of your choice

    8. Toothpicks

    9. A Flowerpot

    Bake the cupcakes and let them cool while you make the frosting.

    Use a Wilton piping tip and pipe the flower pattern onto the cupcakes with the frosting.

    Place the cupcakes in the fridge to stay firm while you get the Styrofoam ball ready.

    Place the Styrofoam ball in the flowerpot. Use the toothpicks and stick 2 toothpicks in each place where you want a cupcake to go.

    Gently place each cupcake onto the toothpicks and try to cover as much Styrofoam as you can. Adjust the toothpicks as you go along to suit your preference.

    Then take your colored tissue paper and cut them into strips and fold them into little fans and stick them in between the gaps with the clear tape.

    And you’re done! Almost too pretty to eat.

  3. 3. Create A Photo Scrap Book.


    Now is the perfect time to gather all those pictures from everyone’s phones and print them.

    Get a scrapbook and decorate it however you would like. Start arranging the pictures in it, add little messages to each page and now all your memories are stored safely.

    Guaranteed to make your mum smile and it’s a keepsake that she will treasure.

  4. 4. Pamper Day

    mini heart shaped waffle maker, skincare set, and fuzzy slippers

    Since we’re in lockdown, you can bring the spa to your mum.

    Have a luxurious spa day for your mum, treat her with all her favorite foods. Get a hot bath running with a couple of bath bombs for her. Have some fun with DIY face masks and scrubs. End the day with her favorite take away and extra dessert.

  5. 5. Letters to Mum

    a paper envelope on top of a letter

    This is a great and thoughtful gift.

    Write a letter to your mum. It’s simple as that. Dig deep and write down everything and anything you want to tell her and how much you love her. This will surely brighten up her day (or even her week). If you want to be a little fancy, seal your letter with a wax stamp.

These are just 5 simple, lovely ideas that anyone could try this mother’s day.