Should You Go Greek?


Some people choose to go greek and others don't. The question is, why do we decide to either be apart of or not be apart of this particular social structue. We all have our reasons for either choosing to be or not to be part of such a thing.

Individuals who don’t want to be part of any sorority or fraternity have often said, “I don’t want to pay for my friends.” Is being part of these organizations, at its most basic form, simply a search for friendship?

Yes, in the simplest form these organizations are in fact about brotherhood, sisterhood and fidelity. While those were the intentions when these organizations were founded, we have to question, are things what they used to be?

The relationships we have with the people in our organizations are extremely important. These are the people with whom we often work in our free time to plan, organize and service the community. After joining an organization, do we find ourselves attached to people we truly don’t like?

We should be choosy about the organizations we decide to join. 

If, at the core, sororities and fraternities are about sisterhood and brotherhood, is that truly what you get out of the deal? If not, what is the difference from any other organization?

There are individuals who are in the same fraternity or sorority and don’t know anything significant about each other. In some cases, there may be so many people in these organizations that there are people who don’t even know each other.

Many people who join fraternities and sororities say they join because they want to help others and do community service. This all sounds great, but you can do those things on your own or in non-greek organization.

Many of these fraternities and sororities are more difficult to join than other organizations you may come across on campus. Are the hardships worth it in the end? Perhaps they are if you decide to join and obtain something no other organization can give you.

Then again, perhaps it isn’t worth all the hard times if when you finally become a member you feel you’ve lost more than you gained. The choice is yours but I pose this question, do you gain anything by going greek?