Football Season

For Texas Tech football season is a big deal. Going to school in a college town like Lubbock, Texas magnifies the interest of America's favorite sport, at least Texas' favorite game. Every year around this time stores nearly shut down and the roads are emptied because of people glued to the television or actually engaging in stands at Jones AT&T Stadium. It is impossible to do anything other that enjoy the game consider you are typically left with no other choice that to either go to the game, get food, or sit lonely in your house.
What is someone like me who doesn't really enjoy football supposed to do on game days? I've been avoiding games since I can remember. It's never been a big interest of mine. I've even forced myself to go to a few games. I got into it and cheered for the home team, "Wreck 'Em Tech." Through all of my effort I have yet to truly enjoy those experiences. So, I ask what is a girl like me to do?
Living in a town that literally shuts down on game day I feel that I am out of luck and stuck sitting in the house until the game is over. I know that I can't be the only girl who feels forced to sit and watch college football or even Sunday football games, although I'd rather not. 
Perhaps us women who would rather stare at a blank wall as opposed to watching a football game should make up our own game day ritual. Every game day we have a book club meeting, or watch reruns of "Sex and the City." Anything would be good, but something has got to change. I'm not sure I can handle another mindless Saturday or Sunday in front of the television pretending to care what is happening in front of me. Any ideas?