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From Worst to Best, Here’s Who’s Left on The Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Trinity chapter.

Each season of the Bachelor franchise, there are more contestants than we can keep track of (literally half these girls look and act the same, how am I supposed to keep them straight?)  This season, Four-time Bachelor participant, Nick Viall, is determined to find love, since it clearly didn’t work out for him in either seasons of The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise (yikes.)  Here are the lovely ladies Nick has to choose from, from worst to best. 



Every season has to have its villain and Corrine was sadly picked for Nick’s season.  Corrine is constantly ridiculed for being too young (she’s 24) for Nick, 12 years his junior.  We love to hate her and boy is she easy to hate.  The girl is constantly napping (seriously is there a bigger issue here? Why is she so tired?)  and she only really seems to have a physical connection with Nick na’mean?  Also her lips are really distracting they’re gigantic. 



I wanted to root for Taylor – the girl went to Johns Hopkins for crying out loud – but the petty drama with Corrine that is clearly being fed by the producers is going too far per usual on The Bach



Whitey is ranked low because I literally have no idea who she is.  Like, are we sure this girl is even on the show?  She also looks exactly like Astrid, Kristina, and Vanessa and one of them needs to go just to make it easier to keep track of them. 


Danielle L.

Danielle L is a cutie but her laugh is really annoying because it sounds the same every time.  Re-watch her date with Nick in his hometown where they bake together – you’ll see what I mean.



Jaimi is fun and sometimes can be funny but she’s not gonna win so I ranked her low sorry Jaimi. 



Why is she eating an uncooked hot dog?  Why did she make Nick eat it, too?  Who knows.  Josephine is a background character in my opinion.  But, she got to slap Nick and I feel like every girl in the house wants to slap Nick, too.  



I think we were all Jasmine in this moment when we found out about Corinne’s nanny.



Being from Jersey, I’m partial to Alexis.  She seems like one of the more genuine people there but she won’t win because of that.  



Her accent is confusing and hard to understand but Nick seems to like it. 



Astrid wasn’t very athletic on the group date a couple of weeks ago but she gave it her all and actually participated (unlike Corrine who doesn’t participate on group dates whatsoever.)



Sarah is cute and will probably stick around for a few more rose ceremonies but I doubt she’ll win. 


Danielle M.

Danielle M. is honestly adorable.  She’s a nurse and she’s soft-spoken and she’s too good for Nick.



I love Rachel.  Girl’s an attorney and 100% will make more money than Nick has/or ever will.



Raven was the first one to meet Nick’s parents and the first to admit she might be falling in love with Nick – the inevitable line that every Bachelor/Bachelorette contestant says, true or not.  She comes from a small town and has the sweetest accent. 



Right now, my money is on Vanessa.  Not only did she call Nick out for perpetuating the Corinne drama, but she also made him tear up (in a good way) on their one-on-one.  She’s also a Special Education teacher and gave Nick a book her students made him about how wonderful she is.   Nick even kissed her post-vomiting which is disgusting but also really sweet.