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Woman Crush Wednesday

Name: Joy Kim 


Hometown: Brea, California


Class year: 2017


Major: Urban Studies, Classical Studies 


Campus Activities: Humans of Trinity College, Pipes, Writing Associate, Chapel Council   


Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle

#1 on your bucket list: visit Greece and Rome. I might be the only Classics major that’s never been. 

Favorite study spot: an alcove in the DiBenedetto room in the library, mainly because the word “alcove” makes me feel intellectual 

Thing you will miss most about Trinity: pho Fridays in Mather 

Best Pregame song: “This is Me” from the Camp Rock soundtrack 

Favorite season: spring, but only with a bottle of Claritin handy

Favorite celebrity: Benedict Cumberbatch 

Favorite movie: When Harry Met Sally 

Best friends: ladies so fine in Crescent 39!

Favorite WeHa restaurant: Taste of India 

On a Saturday morning you are…: making pancakes for my housemates 

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be: the person who takes care of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis. I want full access. 

Favorite class you’ve taken at Trin: Greek Comedy with Professor Shane Ewegen. I think every single play we read referenced farting and/or pooping. 10/10 recommend.

Best piece of advice: think of one thing to be grateful for everyday, even if it’s small. 

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