Woman Crush Wednesday

Name: Maggie Elias

Year: 2017

Major/Minor: A mouthful - Public Policy and Law with minors in Hispanic Students and Writing, Rhet, & Media Arts

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Activities on Campus: B’szzzzz, Writing Center, Venture, Tripod MVP

Relationship Status: Sort of, but not really, unrequited love

Fun Fact About Yourself: I used to compete in national piano competitions! 

Favorite Place to Eat Off Campus: Bricco – cheese and carbs, what more do I need?

Best Class You've Taken at Trinity: either Law, Argument, and Public Policy with Professor Cabot or any rhet classes with Professor Peltier

Best Part of Trinity: 84 Crescent

#1 on your Bucket List: eat an entire box of Tastease by myself 

Your Go-to Karaoke Song: any Christina Aguilera circa 2000s or Disney or Glamorous by Fergie

Your Idol: Baby Luna because having Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend for parents is hitting the genetic jackpot 

Favorite Movie: Titanic 

Last Book You Read for Fun: The Air We Breathe by Andrea Barrett

Dream Date:  April 25 because its not too hot and its not too cold so all you need is a light jacket 

You Never Leave the House (or Dorm) Without: Hiding my car keys, screaming my way out the door, and one of my many pairs of oversized sunglasses

Parting Senior Advice for Returning Students: ​Become friends with the people who work at Goldbergs because you’ll never go without a cheddar bagel