Woman Crush Wednesday

Name: Noori Chishti

Year:  Senior

Major/Minor: Philosophy

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Activities on Campus: harassing Peter B’s baristas with annoying orders

Relationship Status: single & never ready to mingle

Fun Fact About Yourself: my dad calls me a coconut – I’m brown on the outside and white on the inside

Favorite Place to Eat Off Campus: Barcelona

Best Class You've Taken at Trinity: Existentialism in Religion 

Best Part of Trinity: it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is…if the sun is out, people will be on the quad 

#1 on your Bucket List: achieving peace in the Middle East

Your Pregame Song: depends on who I’m drinking with

Your Idol: Amal Clooney

Favorite Movie: 500 Days of Summer

Last Book You Read for Fun: I’ve started many books for fun, but the last one that I actually finished was Cat Marnell’s memoir

Dream Date: waking up to Richard Gere handing me his credit card

You Never Leave the House (or Dorm) Without: sunglasses, lipstick, & sometimes (but rarely) my ID

Parting Senior Advice for Returning Students: It goes by faster than you think, so make the most of every moment. Also, never piss off the Mather sushi guy.