Woman Crush Wednesday

Name: Julia Tempesta

Hometown: Milford, Massachusetts

Class year: 2019 (Sophomore)

Major: Public Policy and Law and Hispanic Studies 

Campus Activities:  Mock Trial Team, Promoting Healthy Awareness of the Body (PHAB) Coordinator, Kennelly Tutoring Program, and Campaign for Community. 

Relationship Status: In a Relationship 

Dream job: Lawyer

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride or The Godfather 

If you could live/visit anywhere in the world: ​I've always wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef!

Favorite Hartford/WeHa restaurant: Piolin 

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be?: Definitely Ellen Degeneres. 

#1 on your bucket list: I want to be on Jeopardy!

The last book you read was: A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara 

TV show you could binge watch no matter what mood you're in: The Office 

Favorite study spot: 1823 room in the library 

Best Pregame song: American Girl by Tom Petty 

Favorite class you've taken at Trin:​ Global South with Professor Prashad 

Thing you love most about Trinity:  Summit 301 (Love you guys!!)

Fun fact about yourself: My last name means storm in Italian. 

Plans for the summer yet?: Studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Best piece of advice: "Kill them with kindness."