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What’s Coming to Netflix This Fall

What’s Coming to Netfilx this fall


Footloose: If you haven’t see the original by now, you’re missing out.  (No, the remake doesn’t count!) Young Kevin Bacons dances so you really don’t want to miss this.  Footloose is the ultimate Girls Night In/Sleepover movie (well, Footloose and Grease, that is.)

Jaws: To make you that much more bitter that summer is over.  It’s a classic and even though technology in film has gotten so much more advanced since then, that mechanical shark never fails to scare me.  Also, Trinity gets a mini-shoutout at the beginning, so like, you have to watch it. 

The Imitation Game: Okay, so I’m not a huge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch (and honestly I haven’t seen many of his movies) but after seeing this movie I have a new appreciation for him.  I don’t want to spoil the ending (although it’s based on a true story so you probably already know how it ends…) but its really moving.  Also Kiera Knightly is in it and who doesn’t love Kiera Knightly?

A Cinderella Story: Pretty much every girl in our generation was the biggest Hillary Duff fan, and she’s definitely in her prime in this movie.  The movie includes songs by the Goo Goo Dolls and a gorgeous Chad Michael Murray.  This movie basically is everything the 2000s was – cue the nostalgia.

New Girl: Every season (up to 5) is on Netflix this fall.  If you have never seen New Girl, prepare to fall in love.  The concept of the show is like a bizarre take on Friends (you’re still left wondering how anyone in this friend group can afford such a gigantic L.A. loft), and the jokes are delivered with the same heart and wit.  Also it’s basically impossible to pick a favorite character – Nick? Schmidt? Winston???? Try and pick a favorite, I dare you. 

So snuggle up with a cup of warm cider and a fuzzy blanket because you’ve got a lot of Netflix to be watching.  Happy streaming!

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