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What Your Go-To Fall Scarf Says About You

If somehow you have yet to figure it out, it’s fall in New England. To my dismay, this also means that the weather is unpredictable. You’re probably often finding yourself feeling too hot or too cold completely out of the blue. As someone who is easily made cold but isn’t willing to give in to the weather and sacrifice cute outfits, I’m always looking for little ways to stay warm. One easy way to maintain warmth and simultaneously enhance an outfit is by adding a scarf. Not to mention, a scarf is so easy to take off and toss into your bag if the weather ends up being warmer than you’d expected. For this reason, fall is the perfect time to evaluate your collection of scarves. With so many options of types of scarves, it’s interesting to consider what a particular one says about your outfit, and more importantly, you! 


Skinny Scarf 

90’s motifs are definitely back in style. These scarves can really bring character to the right outfit. Hey, who doesn’t want to channel Kate Moss sometimes all the time… That being said, this scarf is going to do very little to make you feel any warmer.

The girl in a skinny scarf is the epitome of trendy, but probably not the most practical. I’m sure you knew the 90’s were going to be back before a single slip dress hit the runway. You’re onto new trends before anyone else. You probably shop at Zara religiously. 




Infinity Scarf 

The infinity scarf is a wardrobe staple because of how easy they are to wear. There’s no worrying about how to tie or wrap it. No thought is needed to put one on. 

The girl in the infinity scarf is on the move. She’s wearing a simple outfit. She’s practical, and out for comfy clothes. You don’t have the time or patience to bother trying to figure out how to tie your scarf. 



Fur Stole

Fur accents are everywhere. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of faux fur to go around for supporters people afraid of PETA. Most major designers each have their own take on fur items for this fall and winter. Even designers who haven’t stereotypically been associated with fur, such as Kate Spade, are working with cute fur accented accessories. 

The girl wearing some type of fur accessory around her neck is chic and attention grabbing. You probably tend to be on the ostentatious side. Channeling your inner mob wife definitely takes some confidence. 



Flannel Plaid Scarf 

Flannel may be stereotypically associated with hipsters… That being said, flannel scarves do make an appearance on campus, even though we most certainly are not Wesleyan. 

The girl in the Flannel scarf is outdoorsy and very New England. You’re probably down with the scruffy boy trend too. Try to control yourself – no shave November is almost here. 



Printed Scarf 

No better way to make an understated outfit interesting than by adding a printed scarf, whether this means a tribal print, a pretty paisley, or a vibrant floral. Paired with otherwise neutral clothing, a printed scarf can take an outfit to a new level. 

The girl in a printed scarf has a vibrant personality to match. She’s bubbly and outgoing. She may be zany and quirky, just like her print of choice. You’ll see her in Peter B’s saying hello to every other person who walks by and wonder how she could possibly know so many people. 




Shawls are not for grandmas anymore. We saw the gorgeous Burberry shawl last year that so many celebrities had monogrammed. We saw it on Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo, Cara Delevingne, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and Sookie Waterhouse – also known as a lot of very well dressed people. 

The girl wrapped up in a shawl or wearing a cape is stylish and confident. I mean you also have to have a bit of an IDGAF attitude to essentially be walking around in the closest socially acceptable thing to blanket all day. 



Menswear Scarf 

At one point or another during your career as a girl who goes to Trinity, you “borrowed” a scarf from one of the many well-dressed boys on campus. It’s highly likely that it came from Brooks Brothers, or a similar store. You probably promised to give it back, but hey it was too cute, and wearing a menswear scarf is oddly reminiscent of Chuck Bass’s scarf (every girl’s dream). 

This girl is just about any Trin girl at some point. Or you’re wearing a menswear scarf, because let’s face it – they’re usually a lot warmer. Let’s just tell ourselves it’s a practical decision, not that it was a present from Chuck Bass. 



Burberry Scarf 

Tons of girls on campus owns at least one of these. We all pull them out as soon as the weather starts to permit (primarily wool) scarves. They may be overdone, but they’re still a classic in their own. 

The girl in the Burberry scarf is versatile, though you clearly play into trends. You’re probably a little basic, but there’s nothing wrong with basic if it means eating avo toast at Sunday morning (hangover) brunch in your Burberry scarf and Lululemons while wearing a pair of Hunters. Don’t forget your oversized shades – your scarf may be designer, but the bags under your eyes sure aren’t. 



Hermes Scarf 

Similar in idea to the Burberry scarf, but the silk is doing less to keep you warm, and the Hermes label is doing more to make you feel like Jackie O. Either way, an Hermes scarf is a classic wardrobe staple. 

The girl in an Hermes Scarf is classic, preppy, and has a closet filled with items that everyone tells you that you “must” own one of.  You definitely care about labels, but mainly to collect one of everything you’re “supposed” to have. 



McQueen Skull Scarf

See Hermes and disregard preppy for trendy. The girl in a McQueen Skull Scarf is wearing the chiffon edgy younger sister to an Hermes scarf. You’re just as into labels, but you probably bought this scarf to be “different”, only to realize that 20 other girls were thinking the same thing. 


Noori is a junior at Trinity College with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Religious Studies.
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