#WCWx2: Chloe White and Abby Painchaud '18

Name: Abby Painchaud

Hometown: Concord, NH

Major: Public Policy and Law

Involvement on Campus: Barnyard, Aces, Mock Trial

Relationship Status: TBD


First thing you notice about a guy: Jawline 

Describe yourself in three words: I like sparkles

Favorite part of Trinity: The first ‘darty’ of springtime 

Favorite thing to do off-campus: Anything that involves real food 

Accomplishments while at Trinity: Haven’t locked myself out of my room/dorm and have never lost my ID (yet) 

Hidden talents: Cinnamon bun master, top-notch “boogie boarder” 

Celebrity crush: Tom Cruise in Top Gun

Go-to pick up line: Do you work at Starbucks? Because I like you a latte   

Favorite party: Anything to do with Christmas 

One song to describe Chloe: Trap Queen: “she my trap queen”

Chloe's ideal date: Fancy brunch date at Grant’s Restaurant (order her the banana pancakes with extra nutella and pineapple juice) 


Name: Chloe White

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Major: Neuroscience

Involvement on Campus: Quest Leader, Peter B’s Barista

Relationship Status: No Mom, I still don’t have a boyfriend


First thing you notice about a guy: Whether or not they’re smiling

Describe yourself in three words: Real life mermaid

Favorite part of Trinity: Quadding on a beautiful spring day with good friends, twisted tea, and loud music.

Favorite thing to do off-campus: BRUNCH. Anytime, anywhere.

Accomplishments while at Trinity: Suffering injuries at nearly every fraternity,  surviving life as a North resident last year, never being written up.

Hidden talents: Getting concussions, making a perfect latte, sleeping.

Celebrity crush: Guy Fieri

Go-to pick up line: Hey baby, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Cause it hurt when I did ;)

Favorite party: My birthday party

One song to describe Abby: True Friend - Hannah Montana

Abby’s ideal date: Take her out to dinner (I recommend somewhere with pasta and good wine) and a movie- anything with Johnny Depp will be perfect. Then on your way back to campus, stop and pick up Chipotle for her roommates, she’ll love it.