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Trinity Men’s Tennis: David Meyers, Ilya Levin, & Dan Carpenter ’15

This week’s campus cuties are freshmen David Meyers, Ilya Levin, and Dan Carpenter—members of the Trinity Men’s Tennis Team. With spring sports just starting, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to talk to these cuties about their upcoming season. (Pictured from left to right: Dan Carpenter, David Meyers, Ilya Levin)


Relationship status:
DM: Single
IL: Single
DC: Single
DM:  Winnetka, IL
IL: Wellesley, MA
DC: Wayzata, MN
DM: Jones
IL: Jones
DC: North
What are you most excited for this season?
DM: The friendships we will make during the season.
IL: #winning.
DC: The California spring break trip. 
When did you start playing tennis and why?
DM: I started playing when I was five years old, and took lessons at my country club.
IL: I started when I was 12 years old when my grandmother beat me at tennis.
DC: I also started playing when I was five years old at my country club.
When is your first match?
DC: Our first home match is March 31st, against Bowdoin.
(Make sure you come support these cuties!) 
Three words to describe yourself:
DM: Generous, honest, and random.
IL: Weird, a stalker, and handsome.
DC: Laid-back, hard worker, and sneaky.
Favorite part about being a Freshman:
DM: Living on my own.  
IL: My favorite part is Psi U.
DC: School’s not that hard yet.
Worst part about being a Freshman:
DM: The older tennis guys.
IL: We can’t cook in our dorms.
DC: Waiting outside frats.
What qualities do you look for in a girl?
DM: Originality.
IL: Foreign.
DC: Sense of humor and someone who is genuine.
Ideal date:
DM: Watching the sunrise.
IL: Eating breakfast at the Bistro.
DC:  Dinner and a movie.
There you have it collegeiettes. Make sure you look out for their upcoming matches and come out to support these cuties and the rest of the Trinity Men’s Tennis Team! 

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