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From Dining Hall info to Finals Schedules: All those pesky questions you never know where to find the answers to are here!  Check out these under-utilized online resources you should be taking advantage of!

BAM aka Bantam Alumni Mentoring: great way for networking and connecting with alumni that may work in the fields you are interested in – great resource to get more information and establish contacts.  This is an extremely useful tool, that should be taken advantage of even as a Freshman!
Information Technology Services: This page includes information on the Help Desk, which includes any issues with phone, TV, ID cards, doors, locks, computers and more.  There is also the contact info for Classroom Support for any of those times you’re in class and the projection just won’t work! Facilities Requests for any sort of equipment or facility problems. This page also includes Media Project help, and Requests Services for an Event, and Request Training.
Health Services: Of my four years here, I never knew any specifics about Health Services! Hours, contact, services, after hours etc.
Dine on Campus: Never know where to eat on campus? Check out the menus before hand!
Career Services:
Forms and resources – this includes business card order forms, guides, and so much more – extremely handy!
Internship Directory
The Four Year Plan: where they set up check points throughout your time in college to keep you on track for an appropriate job search.
Tools for Self-discovery: assessments to help you find out what you want to do.
Interdisciplinary Minors: Many people don’t know about these other minors, like Architecture!
Academic Calendars: Useful to know ahead of time dates of midterms, add/drop periods, Trinity Days, and so much more!
Finals Schedule: The finals schedule goes up in the beginning of the semester – which is great to know if you need to make travel plans.  Contacting your teacher about any possible schedule mishaps before finals time may be helpful!

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