Spring Weekend 2017 Outfit Ideas

Spring Weekend is just a few days away, and I’m sure we’re all wondering the same thing… what should we wear?!


Friday, April 21st, 2017


Friday is going to be kicked off with the Imani Cookout hosted by LVL at 69 Vernon Street. The weather forecast is saying 59 degrees Fahrenheit and drizzly. For the cookout, I would recommend dressing warmly while still managing to look springy by incorporating some florals into the outfit. My outfit recommendation is a floral tank top paired with some ripped jeans, a cozy cardigan, and some cool Converse sneakers to tie everything together.

Friday night is the night we’re all waiting for- BKAYE, Viceroy, and Louis the Child are going to be performing in an epic concert hosted by EAC Barnyard in the Koeppel Community Sports Center. Unfortunately, the concert is going to be held inside due to the cold and rainy weather predicted for Friday. My outfit pick for the main concert is a long-sleeved romper. The long sleeves will keep warm you up while you’re walking outside, but the shorts ensure that you won’t get overheated after dancing around for a few hours. Plus, rompers are always a spring favorite- they’re absolutely adorable and scream spring! A pair of cool sneaks are also key for staying comfortable on your feet all night.

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017


Saturday is going to start off with the Spring Weekend Carnival on the LSC Quad. From 1-5, Saturday afternoon is going to be packed with junk food and fun activities such as mini golf. After the carnival, there’s going to be a Spring Weekend BBQ and another cookout. I recommend staying casual for the Carnival and wearing clothes that you’re comfortable in, since everyone is going to be moving around a lot. Saturday’s weather forecast is 64 degrees and sunny, so I’d go with some denim shorts, a cute T-shirt, comfy Converse sneakers, and some big sunglasses!

Saturday night is going to be jam-packed with concerts and activities including the concert at the Mill and Psi U. I would keep it cute, comfy, and casual with a cute top, shorts or ripped jeans (depending on how warm you want to be), some bold accessories, and of course, some comfy Converse sneakers.