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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Trinity chapter.

Have you heard of Rent the Runway? Well, here at HC Trin, we thought it was an amazing idea to try for our Senior Snowball this past weekend. RTR is a service that allows you to rent and return amazing dresses for huge discounts! 

Rent The Runway is set up so you can choose the date of delivery, usually 2 days before the event, size, color, style and price right for you! RTR filters styles for your style and body-type based on answers to a few questions and your past views. There are a ton of dresses available, for all kinds of festivities! If you are looking for a dress for your next formal or family party, look no further! 

I chose this Issa dress, I was so compellid by the color! I was obviously worried that it wasn’t going to fit, but RTR let’s you choose two sizes (for free!) in case one isn’t enough. I also rented the earrings I wore, which was so fun. Not having to buy jewelry for a dress you are giving back? Makes sense to me! 

Both Allie and I rented dresses, and had great experiences. The dresses were in awesome condition, and the process was really easy. After you are done with your dress, you place it in the (prepaid!) UPS envelope and drop it at the closest UPS location. Our post office doesn’t accept UPS drop-offs, but there is a store on Prospect Ave, not far from campus. With every rental, you pay $5 for “insurance” which covers cleaning and small stain removal! 

RTR is a dynamite idea, and now we have a branch here on campus! RTR Trinity is having an event Thursday outside the cave, and will be giving out discount codes for a rental! Come check out the table and find out more!

Samantha Rhodes is a junior at Trinity College studying art history. An avid art lover, she loves to make trips to museums, long walks on the beach, and people who talk with their hands. Baking takes up most of her free time, and doesn't hurt her social circle either.