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Name: Chris Cowie

Age: 21

Major: Political Science

Relationship status: Perpetually Single

Involvement on campus: Sailing Club Capitan, Vice President PKA, Bartender at The Tap


Describe yourself in three words: I’m a narcissist.

Drink of choice: If it is above 70 degrees, Mount Gay and Tonic with Lime and a Mint leaf. Below 70 degrees, A Perfect Manhattan on the rocks

Go-to pick up line: My dog.

Ideal Date: Sailing and anchoring at a beach with some drinks and good music.

Pet Peeve: Stupidity, everything about it.

Top things on your bucket list: Cross the Atlantic on a sailboat and go skydiving.

Deal breakers: If a girl doesn’t pass the approval of my sisters.

Guilty Pleasures: Singing really loud while driving.

Celebrity Crush: Brady, because…Go Pats!

Favorite off campus spot: Maple Ave’s

Favorite vacation spot: Hopetown, Bahamas.

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