Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Does everyone keep asking you the inevitable question “what are you being for Halloween?” and you have no idea?  Here’s some ideas that you can make literally minutes before (and you probably already own most of this stuff, too!)

Rosie the Riveter

Channel thoughts of female empowerment this Halloween!

Need: Denim shirt, red bandana, red lipstick, and if you wanna go extra hard: make a background!


A Beanie Baby

So you want to do something easy, but you don’t want to be the usual “sexy cat” again (we’ve all worn it at some point.)  Make a Beanie Baby tag and throw on your fav pair of animal ears! Total 90s nostalgia

Need: animal ears/outfit, poster board and string to make the tag


A Ceiling Fan

For those who love a good pun, this one’s for you.

Need: plain white t shirt to write on, pom poms


Jake from State Farm

You’ve got to be living under a rock if you don’t know who Jake from State Farm is. 

Need: Red shirt, name tag, khakis (duh)


Arthur (or the Arthur meme if you really wanted to)

Go as arguably the best cartoon character ever.

Need: Jeans, yellow sweater, glasses, paper to make ears, and Pal of course!


Ladies of the 80s

If you want to look cute but want to be warm (it’s a long walk to Vernon, ladies) go as someone from the 80s! 

Need: Scrunchie, cool leggings, (off the shoulder) sweatshirt, leg warmers, bodysuit or even a swim suit



If you want to give off that badass don’t-mess-with-me-because-I-can-shoot-arrows-really-far-and-singlehandedly-took-down-an-entire-distopian-government vibe, then Katniss is your girl

Need: Black jacket, black pants, boots (something similar to combat), arrow, and that gorgeous braid.