Kappa Kappa Gamma's Lindsay Barber '17

A Junior at Trinity College, Lindsay Barber has been known to devote an incredible amount of time to Kappa Kappa Gamma and the countless philanthropic events it hosts. Organized, enthusiastic, and honest to her word, Lindsay came into the interview excited to spread the word about BKind. As someone who only has nice things to say and always brightens the room with her contagious smile, it is no surprise that she has been diligently devoting the majority of her time this week to being true to the cause of BKind. 


Name: Lindsay Barber

Hometown: Stonington, CT

Major: Political Science

Minor: Hispanic Studies

Involvement: BKind, Kappa Kappa Gamma


Can you tell me a bit about BKind? 

BKind is a great non-profit organization that encourages people to find kindness in their every day lives.  Two young women started this foundation when, sadly, their father passed away after battling pancreatic cancer.  This man, Bill Mahoney, was a close family friend, and a true inspiration because he was so generous and caring in nature.  This organization is called “BKind” because Mr. Mahoney’s greatest piece of advice to friends and family was just to  “Be Kind.”  It's so simple, but it means so much. 


Why did you decide to bring BKind to Trinity?

This summer my father brought it up to me when we were having lunch one day.  Bill’s wife, Alice, had mentioned to my father that she would love to have BKind started up at Trinity.  She knew that I was a part of Kappa Kappa Gamma and we are active in philanthropic events so she thought this would be a perfect fit, and I do too.  I love how it is so simple. The smallest act of kindness can truly make someones day.


This all sounds so philanthropic, how have you supported BKind? 

We started up BKind this past week at Trinity because Friday November, 13 is National Kindness Day and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spread the word about BKind.  I had a lot of help with putting up flyers and post-it notes around campus with nice sayings, but my favorite thing that KKG has done this week is that I asked each grade to come up with their own Random Act of Kindess and they have all had great success.  The sophomores all donated meals at Mather and made a personal goal to say something nice to at least five people they didn’t know that well a day, the juniors bought coffee at Peter B's and decorated the cups with “Kappa Kares” and “BKind” and they were given out randomly throughout the day, and the seniors are swiping meals for the person behind them to “pay it forward."  On November 13th we all will be giving posters to each of the three dining halls showing our appreciation for all the hard work they do!


It’s so great to hear about a cause that humans should be doing anyways, where do the donations go? 

What is so interesting about BKind is that it is a foundation in itself OR you can you raise money by selling BKind merchandise (which we will be doing soon on campus!) and donate it to a charity of choice.  The BKind foundation itself raises money for its “Scholarship Fund” which supports students who want to further their education.


How can people get more involved? 

I will be making a BKind at Trinity College Facebook page in the next couple weeks that I encourage everyone to like to hear about more upcoming events or ways that they can BKind. Also we will soon be selling BKind merchandise (including shirts, hats, stickers, and bracelets) so I encourage people to donate and also just be aware that just a smile can brighten someone’s day. Also spread the word about BKind!


How can people contact you with questions?

People can email me at my Trinity email: [email protected]