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HC Survival Kits: Summer Edition

So Fresh, So Clean…

The Her Campus ~summer~ survival kit is in and it’s gotta be one of my favorites.  Here’s everything you need to know aobut it and our reviews of it! 

Secret Deodorant

Secret is my favorite deodorant since it is relaible and always smells nice.  Not only did we recieve regular sized deodorants but we also got travel sized ones, which are perfect for putting in your handbag or backpack!  The Cool Waterlily is my new favorite scent.  Bonus: it’s long lasting, up to 48 hours of protection!


Summer’s Eve 

All girls should know about Summer’s Eve.  The gentle cleansing wash and cloth towels help maintain a healthy Ph balance with NO harsh chemicals (a rarity.)  Summer’s Eve uses simple ingredients and they’re super gentle!  When to use the cloths: post-work out, on a hot summer day, running between long classes, whatever!  They fit in any bag or backback discreetly!   When to use the wash: every.time.you.shower.  Your body with thank you.  Say “boy, bye” to odor causing bacteria!  The flavors/scents are also so yummy!  They come in Coconut Water and Mandarin Blossom.  Gyno-tested, me approved.

White Fur

If you haven’t heard about White Fur yet, you can read all about it here on our giveaway article!  It’s a twisting love story, set in New York, about a trust-fund Yale baby who falls for the daughter of a high school drop out, almost like if Serena Van Der Woodsen and Dan Humphry switched places.  It’s sweet, and it is the perfect beach read.   



Since we’re all in college, we’ve all seen those caps on our roommate’s toothbrush.  The Steripod cap fits on all toothbrushes and keeps them clean for around 3 months!  (I saw on Gilmore Girls you’re supposed to replace your toothbrush every 3 months anyways.)  Air can circulate freely through them in order to control bacteria growth AND Steripod uses a chemical called thymol which keeps the pod clean for your toohbrush between uses.  They also come in so many fun colors and they’re great for travel!


Essence Make Up

We got the Essence Make Up eyebrow gel and brush pencil and we love it!  The gel keeps the brows in place while the brush smoothes them out!  Best part is, Essence is a cruelty-free brand.  You can buy them at Harmon, Ulta, and Target.    

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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