Good Eats in Hartford

As a freshman here at Trinity, one of the most exciting things about exploring Hartford is trying all the diverse food options that the city has to offer. Since Hartford has an ethnic and diverse community, I’ve had the opportunity to try food that I’ve never had before in my small hometown. For this week’s article, I thought I would write about some of the delicious meals I’ve had at local restaurants so far!

1. El Tepeyac

Located in El Mercado on Park Street, just a ten minute walk from Trinity’s campus, is a Mexican food counter called El Tepeyac. The restaurant offers a broad menu of many different traditional Mexican dishes. I ordered huevos rancheros, and they were hands down the BEST I have ever had. A few of my friends had tacos and could not stop raving about them. While this isn’t a great place to go if you’re looking for a fancy sit-down meal, the food is off the charts. It’s about as close to authentic Mexican food as you can get, and it is outstanding! El Mercado also has several other ethnic food counters such as Dominican and Peruvian. I will definitely be back to try some more!

2. City Steam Brewery Cafe

Located in downtown Hartford, the City Steam Brewery is a great place to go for a sit-down dinner with friends or family. I went last week with my friend from UConn so that she could get to know the friends I made at Trinity. The atmosphere was great as the crowd was predominantly in their early 20’s, and the service was awesome. I ordered a buffalo chicken wrap which was great and their macaroni and cheese which I would definitely recommend. Since they are a brewery, there were a lot of 20-somethings enjoying a pint. They also advertised their downstairs comedy club which sounds pretty cool.

3. Cora Cora

Just a ten minute drive from campus, this place has some outstanding Peruvian food! The ambiance is awesome since they play a mix of Spanish and American music. The menu is extensive, so even picky eaters are bound to find something that they’ll like. My mom ordered a salad, and I ordered a type of chicken and rice dish. They both had an awesome Peruvian flair, and all the Peruvian sauces were absolutely to die for. I would recommend Cora Cora for a casual lunch or dinner out for when you get tired of Mather food.

4. Firebox Restaurant

This has been my favorite spot for brunch so far. The restaurant is farm-to-table food, so everything is always outstandingly fresh. I devoured an eggs benedict and had absolutely no regrets. For dessert, my mom and I split a chocolate pudding, the best one I have ever had. The restaurant itself has a very relaxing, pleasant environment. I would recommend this place for brunch, and I’m sure it’s great for all other meals of the day as well!