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Summer can be miserably hot and for my blow dry girls like me, we want nothing more than to put the heating tools down.  The best thing you can do between the damage from the sun, pool, sweat, and general heat is leave your hair au natural.  Here are some cute summer hairstyles for when the heat is too much!


1. A braided bun

Elegant, understated, and a fun twist on a classic!  This is perfect post-pool or post-workout when you’re running to work or brunch.



2. This one looks really great when you do it fresh out of the shower so your wet hair can really hold the style in

3. This one is slighly more time consuming, but great if you just went the beach and you have salty, textured hair.


4. Here’s your step by step for the perfect messy bun (which for some reason is either too messy or too perfect?)  Follow these steps, and your messy bun will look effortless


5. Embrace the beachy waves with these.  Don’t brush your hair after coming out of the water, just use your fingers to comb through to really keep that light, textured feeling and look.

6. I’ve done this for the gym so many times just because it really stays in place, and it looks soooo cute!

7.  LOVE this one.  Good for gym, good for graduation parties, good for shopping, good for date night.  GOOD.


8. A personal fav for long haired ladies who forget hairties all. The. Time.  Just twist it up and tie it in knots!