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DIY Dorm Spa

This seems to be a stressful time for everyone, whether you are finishing your senior thesis, fighting with a friend/boyfriend, or just realizing the amount of work you have put off this whole semester.  Take some time to rejuvenate by turning your dorm room into a spa! You can use these tips throughout the week as mini rewards, or invite all your girlfriends over Friday and take a break from the frats by having a girl’s spa night! 

One of my favorite at home spa tricks is to microwave your body lotion after you get out of the shower! This tip helps keep your skin nice and moisturized and adds some extra luxury that has you feeling completely relaxed.
Another great shower tip is to let your shower heat up to the highest temperature, take a washcloth and spray it with your favorite relaxing oil (I recommend lavender!)  Place the towel over your face when you step into the shower. This easy trick completely calms you down and as a bonus clears up your sinuses too!
To help make your bathroom more pleasant try adding candles to create a more soothing atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in a real spa.


DIY hair treatments are also a great way to help you feel refreshed. Coconut oil is great for a deep-conditioning hair treatment that can be left in overnight, or for a few hours. It is inexpensive and can be found at most drugstores! There are many recipes online, however, the easiest is to just apply a small amount to your hair, massage it into your scalp and let sit overnight in a shower cap. Then the next morning, use conditioner to wash it out in your shower.
Facemasks are fun to do with friends and great for you complexion! There are many simple liquid facemasks using, honey, unflavored yogurt and olive oil, or you can check out this website for a list of easy homemade masks for every skin type! However, you can also go to your local drugstore and buy a pre-made one!
Olive oil can also be used as a moisturizer on your body after you have showered to revitalize your skin! Incorporate it into your diet too, because it is great for your immune system!


A fun tip for evening out your skin tone is to gently rub freshly cut lemon on your elbows and knees to soften rough spots and lighten any dark areas.
With the leftover lemon slices make cucumber water! This drink is much more refreshing than most drinks and has zero calories! Simply mix water with some slices of lemon and cucumber and keep it in your fridge for when you need to unwind.
When taking a break from work and catching up on your favorite T.V. shows multitask and give yourself a relaxing mani/pedi! Use either bright neon colors or spring pastels to lighten your mood.

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