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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Trinity chapter.

As many of you may know, Trinity College Barnyard Entertainment released the Spring Weekend Performer list two days ago, April 18.  However, since the announcement, Trinity’s student body has been in a complete uproar.  Headliner Action Bronson is a male rapper who has already been released by Toronto’s North by Northeast Festival and George Washington’s Spring Fling Concert.


Students are in an uproar because Bronson’s music advocates sexual assault on women and minorities.  As of yesterday, Trinity’s students have started a petition.  The first section reads “Trinity Students should expect their college, and by extension the student groups they sponsor, to use our tuition in a way that makes the campus safe, welcoming, and enjoyable for as many people as possible.  We are disappointed in the decision made by Barnyard, the student group in charge of arranging Spring Weekend, to bring Action Bronson to our campus.  We are disappointed in their judgment, lack of research, and blatant disregard for the well-being of survivors of sexual assault on campus.”  


One of Bronson’s former hits, titled Consensual Rape, reads “Take my nuts out your mouth/Let me breathe for a minute please/Your life is cheap like a hooker in the Philippines”

A few verses down, he says “Then dig your shorty out cuz geeked her up on molly”.

This means he slipped a molly into a girls drink without her knowledge and then had sex with her.  I don’t think there is any arguing about whether or not his lyrics are degrading to women.  His song Brunch has an associated music video showing Action Bronson killing a woman in the kitchen and then disposing of her body.  


In addition to Bronson’s horrible reputation, his opener, Khilani, was in the hospital no less than three weeks ago claiming she was going to commit suicide when rumors about her cheating on her NBA boyfriend Kyrie Irving came out.  If you haven’t heard of this uproar on campus, then you probably have been living under a rock for the last two days.  Finally, the petition called notice to a very important statistic.  Trinity College has had an extremely high rate of sexual assault and it will not look good for the college to bring in a performer who promotes sexual assault.  Trinity College has already issued an apology to the entire student body. It makes you wonder who could possibly think having this guy at Trinity would be a good idea????


Currently a Senior at Trinity College with a major of Educational Studies and Special Ed. Four year member and captain of the Women's Basketball Team.
Kelly is a junior at Trinity College, double majoring in English and American Studies. Besides being the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus, she is a barista at Peter B's Espresso, Features Editor of The Trinity Tripod, and a member of the executive council for SGA.