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Brittany Viola ’14

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Trinity chapter.

After a super fun Senior Snowball, we decided to pick President Brittany Viola’s brain about what else is in the works!

Year:  2014

Major: Political Science

Hometown:  Leominster, MA

High School: St. Bernard’s CCHS

What made you want to join SGA? I was very involved in SGA in high school, so I saw first-hand that I could make a significant difference through this role at Trinity as well. I wanted the opportunity to enrich both my college experience and my peers, while also developing Trinity as an institution for the future. 

How has SGA helped your Trin experience? It’s taught me how to develop time management skills and has exposed me to challenges beyond the classroom. I’ve also enjoyed meeting new people from different organizations on campus. It’s awesome working together towards the shared goal of improving our time at Trinity. 

What is the best part about being class president? I enjoy planning and coordinating events that make our senior year so special. I like being an outlet for people to come to me with new ideas.  Plus, I feel gratified knowing that I’m reflecting the voice of our class in my efforts. 

What is the next big thing you have on the calendar for SGA? Right now, I’m currently in the midst of planning senior week. We want to maintain the Trinity traditions for senior week, but build our own as well.

Favorite spring sport: baseball. I’m a huge Yankees fan…yes, probably the only one in Massachusetts. 

What is your favorite thing about spring on campus? Spring Weekend. I missed it last year since I spent the semester in Rome, so I’m looking forward to it this year!

How are you feeling about graduating? It’s honestly pretty bittersweet. I’ve loved my years at Trin- building friendships, taking interesting classes, studying abroad… but I’m excited  and nervous for whatever is in store for me next.

If you could have any job after graduation what would you do? Hmm.. well I would love to get paid to travel the world- there are so many places that I still want to explore. But on a more realistic note, I would enjoy an entry-level sports marketing position (ANY CONTACTS WELCOMED!).

Samantha Rhodes is a junior at Trinity College studying art history. An avid art lover, she loves to make trips to museums, long walks on the beach, and people who talk with their hands. Baking takes up most of her free time, and doesn't hurt her social circle either.