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Artist Profile: Kehlani

As many of our readers already know, there was a ton of controversy surrounding Trinity Barnyard’s top pick for Spring Weekend, Action Bronson.  During the later part of last week, the college had announced that Action Bronson would not be performing and his opener, Kehlani, would take the main spotlight.  Who is Kehlani?  Many know her as Kyrie Irving’s girlfriend, who not too long ago, tried to commit suicide after being a part of a cheating scandal on social media.  However, aside from her incredibly talented ex boyfriend, Kehlani has a story of her own. 

Kehlani Parish is an American R&B singer/song writer.  She is originally from California and started her career as a member of PopLyfe, a band that made the final round of America’s Got Talent. Her aunt raised her because her father died at a young age and her mother spent time in and out of prison.  She quickly left PopLyfe due to contract disagreements.  She was then left homeless because she refused to go near music in fear of the label suing her.  Kehlani is an up and coming artist who is still a baby in the industry.  Her first record release was only two years ago in 2014. 


Similar to other Trinity performers in the past, Kehlani is on the verge of blowing up.  I guess we’ll see how good she is this weekend!

Currently a Senior at Trinity College with a major of Educational Studies and Special Ed. Four year member and captain of the Women's Basketball Team.
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