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Al Rice

Al Rice, the master of the grill at “Coyote Jacks” in the Cave has been at Trinity for almost two decades now, and anyone who has had the pleasure to come across him must know how amazing he is. (Not just his food, but his personality as well) He uses such quality with making the perfect “Al Burger” or buffalo chicken wrap, but it cannot compare to his open friendliness and smile that he always greets you with.  He used to work up at Mather, making omelets and eggs for breakfast, but I believe he’s mastered the grill down at the Cave.  He’s also mastered his relationships with the students.  He loves having conversations with students about sports, treats everyone with the utmost respect, and will always be determined to make a perfect wrap for you.  He’s a fan of the Philadelphia 76er’s, the New York Yankees, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Oklahoma Sooners–quite the variation! But no matter what team you support, he will still be your friend.  He appreciates all of the students for bringing joy to his life, learning from each and every one of them.  But I think we all can learn a bit more from him, to not take a day for granted.  Having a smile on your face can always brighten someone else’s day, just as Al does every single day. I’ve had the greatest opportunity to get to know Al over my four years here at Trinity, and encourage everyone to do so as well.  While his hard work must be appreciated, his happy attitude everyday is his most admirable quality.  

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