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6 Easy Halloween Costumes Involving LBDs

Like nachos or pizza, all good things are made better with toppings. In this case, we're talking your favorite LBD, which (drum roll plz) we've deemed costume worthy by simply jazzing it up and adding props-- also read as accessories. For your convenience, we've come up with six different ways to fashion a last minute Halloween get-up out of a little black dress or little black romper. Check out the options we've crafted below and click the links for dress details. Happy Halloweek!

1. Bandita (aka Female Bandit)

The faux pistol is easily found at a party store, same goes for the pom hat. As for the belt and boots, it's highly likely similar items can be stumbled upon at a local thrift store, Savers or Salvation Army.

Dress: Stone Cold Fox


2. Vamp(y)ire 

Apart from the obvious fangs, the big selling point here is the blood dribble. Also, at least in our opinion, a lace dress helps to give off the right amount of sultry, witchy vibes. 

Dress: Nightcap and similar at Urban Outfitters


3. Classic Kitty 

We know, we know, it's sooooo overdone. BUT, let's be honest, it's a classic for a reason. ALSO, drawn on whiskers or it doesn't count. Brownie points for incorporating your initial in rhinestones on your chest, a trophy to the babe who does it backwards. <-- Whether or not those last two statements were real is still up for debate. 

Romper: Nasty Gal


4. Karl Lagerfeld but Hotter (No offense Karl)

Yes, he's still an unreal superhuman and uncontestable fashion icon, but his sex appeal is... I mean he's 81 you guys. So, for the fashion girl who still wants to snag herself a Prince Charming this Friday, we've put a twist on the classic Lagerfeld uniform, throwing a romper in the mix along with heeled booties, and gave it a nice shake up. 

Romper: Nasty Gal and Booties: H&M


5. Wednesday Addams

Like the mandatory kitty whiskers, we're putting our foot down and demanding that pigtail braids with a middle part are required. Also, dark lipstick is another subtle yet important addition, as are black tights / over the knee socks with loafers. Bonus points if you somehow incorporate her decapitated Marie Antoinette doll. JK LOL.

Dress: UNIF


6. Twin Emoji 

According to urban legend / the internet, this emoji is technically called 'Woman With Bunny Ears' after an "iteration of the Playboy Bunny known in Japan as a Bunny Girl." Either way, grab a friend, don a simple short-sleeve black dress, tack on some black bunny ears, and get ready to reenact the aforepictured pose all night!

Dress: American Apparel 

Kat is a senior at Trinity College, majoring in American Studies with a concentration in Media and Communications and minoring in English. She serves as the Campus Correspondent for Trinity's chapter of Her Campus and also co-manages The Party of Two, a style blog that she shares with her twin. After graduation, Kat hopes to work in the fashion or editorial field. Apart from their blog, you can also follow Kat and Ash on their Instagram: @thepartyoftwo. 
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