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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Trinity chapter.

Everyone knows Fall as being the prime time for fashion, but there’s no denying that the Winter season brings a chance to break out the cutest cold weather trends! In the blink of an eye it’ll be time to break out your Winter fashion. These 5 Winter fashion trends will spice up your everyday looks and make it to your Christmas list in no time!


1.  Turtlenecks are not only super cute, but they’re totally practical and cozy. This trend originated in the 70s, reemerged in the 90s, and is definitely making a comeback to the fashion world. From bodysuits to oversized sweaters, turtlenecks will be sure to keep you warm throughout the cold Connecticut Winter, while also adding a classic touch to your look. There’s something empowering about rocking a turtleneck! Channel your inner Cindy Crawford by pairing it with your favorite boyfriend jeans or your go to high waisted denim!



2.  Bodysuits are also a blast from the past. Since the Summer, bodysuits have completely taken over my wardrobe, and I can’t imagine that they haven’t done the same to yours. I’m wishing I could dust off the bodysuits from my middle school dance recitals as they would totally come in handy now! Bodysuits are easy to wear, while they also keep you tucked in and neatly put together. Thankfully bodysuits are so popular that they now come in all different styles, fabrics, and colors. From dramatic, velvet plunging suits to functional, cotton scoop necks there’s not a single outfit that a bodysuit couldn’t complete!



3.  Over the Knee Boots have become so popular in today’s fashion. With this trend, you have many options to work with. Color wise, black is always a smart choice because it matches with everything. Heel height is also an important thing to consider, you could go safe with a small heel or make a statement with a higher one. My favorite over the knee boots are black, suede, and tie in the back. They look great when worn casually with jeans and a chunky sweater, but since they are so versatile they can also be worn with a shorter dress or skirt when going out. If Blake Lively is wearing them then you can count me in!



4.  Timberland Boots are completely fitting for Winters in snowy locations. Although they’re typically a staple in men’s fashion and widely worn by construction workers, there’s no rules stating that you can’t break the mold this Winter season! Newer pairs are fully waterproof, making this shoe choice perfect for any type of weather that Winter at Trin may throw at you. Timberlands aren’t for everyone, but let me tell you that if you are a fan they’re the best (and my personal favorite)! Timberlands are so durable and incredibly comfy. They look great when matched a pair of distressed Mom Jeans!



5. Chokers and Y-Neck Necklaces have gained a lot of attention in recent fashion trends. Either you love them and own ten of each, or you can’t stand this comeback look and you wish it would have stayed in the 90s. Much like bodysuits, chokers are now made from all different fabrics from denim to velvet to mesh. Some shirts and dresses are even styled with a choker built in- how convenient! Adding a choker to an outfit makes a fashion statement without a doubt. Some chokers are bolder than others, as the tie up ones give an edgy feel to any look. In my opinion, a dainty y-neck is a more elegant alternative if you’re not quite feeling the choker trend but you still want to switch it up from the typical necklace. Tip: Forever21 has some super cute options if you’re not looking to spend an arm and a leg on this trend!