Zac Posen and His Diverse Runway Show

   Zac Posen and His Diverse Runway Show

"We live in a diverse world and it is essential it is represented in the fashion industry—it has always been critical to me, as well as a key component of my collections—whether it's shapes, sizes or skin color—as my customers are global and part of all diverse groups."  - Zac Posen

 Zac Posen, an American fashion designer from New York City, displayed his Fall 2016 collection at Spring Studios in participation with New York Fashion Week (NYFW). NYFW is held in both February and September of each year. It consists of a series of events showcasing international fashion to buyers, the press and the public. This year's NYFW was held from February 11th-February 18th. However, there was one thing that set designer Zac Posen apart from many other designers showcasing their fashions; the majority of his casted models were women of color. There has been a lot of criticism on the lack of diversity on the runway in recent years as society has grown more socially aware and intolerant of discrimination and prejudice. To avoid criticism for their lack of diversity on the runway, some designers will include one or two models of color which in some cases can seem forced. Some designers do not cast women nor men of color in their shows at all. This is why Posen's runway show was revolutionary and riveting; he went against the grain and comprised his runway show with women of various ethnicities and backgrounds.





 The most admirable component of Zac Posen's inspirational runway show was the fact that he did not feel the need to make a big deal about his choice of models. Instead of feeling the need to constantly mention how diverse his show was or applauding himself for doing something different, he kept quiet and did not make it a point that the majority of his casted models were women of color. He only shared his inspiration for his collection which was the Ugandan Princess Elizabeth of Toro. He left the realization of diverse models in his show to the viewers who in turn are bringing light to the greatness and importance of his show. Posen's NYFW Fall 2016 runway show in turn has been labeled the "most diverse season in recent history" by many fashion blogs and magazines. This is one step in the right direction towards more diversity in the fashion industry and as a fashion enthusiast myself, I was very much so inspired and captivated by Zac Posen's runway show. I'm looking forward for the day that more than one or two models of color will not be a rarity on runways. For now, we have revolutionists like Zac Posen who are taking us one step closer to a more racially inclusive fashion industry.




"This collection was inspired by Ugandan Princess #ElizabethOfToro a royal who stu

died law at Oxford, modeled for Diana Vreeland at Vogue and represented her 

country at the United Nation. Therefore it was a dream to have Ugandan beauty #AamitoLagum close my fall 2016 collection." - Zac Posen on his 

NYFW Fall 2016 collection