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Hopefully, most of you are familiar with the stop-motion series and movie “Shaun the Sheep”. If you are not, educate yourself thusly. The series follows the antics of around a mischievous sheep named Shaun and his fuzzy buddies on a farm, and the movie is basically the same thing only they go into the big city. While we love all the inhabitants of Mossy Bottom Farm, one, in particular, stands out as being the cutest: Timmy.


I mean just look at how cute he is. He is a literal ball of fluff. Timmy is a toddler lamb who lives with his mom. He idolizes Shaun and is generally delightful. I’m going to list off the reasons that Timmy is the cutest thing ever committed to claymation.


1.) He loves his cake


2.) He’s a great dancer


3.) He loves his teddy bear


4.) He’s a good hugger


5.) He’s musically brilliant 


6.) He’s driven a motorcycle (well, technically a quad)


7.) He can slap it as a DJ


8.) He loves jumping up and down  

9.) He can suck on a binky and get into a snowball fight

10.) He’s a deep thinker


11.) And a gamer


12.) Also a problem solver


13.) He even has his own spin-off show, Timmy Time! Check it out!


In conclusion, we have a cuteness overload provided by Timmy from Shaun the Sheep. Now go and share pictures of him at an alarming rate that demands toys be made of him! I just really want a Timmy plush, okay? 



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