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Tigerfest 2013: Meet DJ Chase

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Towson chapter.



Not only will Tiger fans listen to and experience the musical talents of Wiz Khalifa at Tigerfest this year, but they will also be entertained by our fellow student, DJ Chase or better known as Alex Wilson. Alex was crowned the winner of Towson CAB’s “Bring the Noise” battle of the bands competition along with Harmonic Blue on February 15. Both acts competed against five artists in each category. This win gave him the opportunity to open for Wiz Khalifa.

His “stage name” comes from Chase being his middle name and this seems to give him an extra edge. As a regular guy, Alex is from Pasedena, Maryland and is currently a sophomore with a major in computer science and a minor in vocal music. He lives in West Village and in his spare time he is a brother of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, coaches swimming, loves to listen to music and hang out with friends.  You can often find him on the sunny days on Burdick field or playing volleyball on campus or just walking around on the weekends hanging out. As a side job, he often DJs different events including sorority events on campus such as Zeta Tau Alpha’s Green Turtle Philanthropy Hour for Breast Cancer Awareness. He loves the color blue and has a great taste in music varying in every genre.

Fun fact: last year, Alex was named Her Campus’ Mr. Towson Freshman 2015. I got to sit down with DJ Chase and ask him a couple questions exclusively for Towson’s Her Campus. Getting to know and talk to him, he is a really nice and down-to-earth guy, so ladies, if you’re single, go to Tigerfest on April 19 to see what DJ Chase is all about. 


Alexis Holiday: How did you get into DJing?

Alex Wilson: I actually first started listening to Girl Talk my junior year of high school which got me into it. I started mashing up songs together and trying to figure out what worked and progressed from there while gaining experience along the way.


AH: What was your favorite DJ moment thus far in your career?

AW: My favorite event so far was Battle of the Bands. But I love the performing aspect getting the crowd going based on my energy that I put into it. It’s really about having fun.


AH: Do you hope to pursue a career in DJing? 

AW: I’m going to continue with it until it’s no longer fun.


AH: Who is your biggest influence? 

AW: Well, Girl Talk was the first mash-up artist that I heard and it was the coolest thing because they were here last year. It was something I never heard [and] I wanted to be a part of it.


AH: How would you describe your sound?

AW: EDM or electronic dance music. I like to take old songs and revamp them into something new.


AH: If I looked at your iTunes right now, what are your top five played songs?


Can’t Hold Us—Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

No Faith In Brooklyn—Hoodie Allen

We Come Running (Tiesto Remix)—Youngblood Hawke

Express Yourself—Labrinth

Easy—Mat Zo & Porter Robinson


AH: What would one artist people don’t expect you to listen to?

AW: Jack Johnson


AH: How did it feel winning CABs “Bring The Noise” battle of the bands competition?

AW:  Went into it trying to have fun because that’s what its all about. Winning was just a bonus.


AH: How are you going to prepare for Tigerfest? Are you creating new material? 

AW: I am creating new material and I will prepare for it like any other event. I actually am creating new things right now.


AH: What was your reaction that you were opening for Wiz Khalifa?

AW: The idea of just performing with a mainstream artist was insane no matter who it was. And especially that it was with Wiz Khalifa and his popularity around the Towson area made it so much better.


AH: What should your fans expect from your performance? 

AW: To have the time of their lives.


AH: This ones for the ladies…are you single? What do you look for in a girl? And what is your ideal first date?

AW: Yes, I’m single. What do I look for in a girl? Just someone I can really gel, get along and have fun with. My ideal first date…It can be anywhere as long as it’s with the right person.


So, there you have it, DJ Chase will be preforming at Tigerfest on April 19 with Wiz Khalifa, Breathe Carolina, Super Mash Brothers and Harmonic Blue. He hopes everybody has the time of their life as much as he will. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I know I won’t stop dancing. Don’t forget to check out his Facebook page and even some of his material on Soundcloud