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Tapingo: Towson’s Food Online Ordering Service

What is Tapingo?

Tapingo is the service that can be used to order food on campus. So far, its only available for select locations (Paws Cafe, Newell Den, 7720 Cafe, Einstein Bros Bagels, New York Deli and Salad, and Bedda Burger).

You can use this service online or download it from iPhone App Store or Google play. The best part is that you can add your OneCard to your account and pay with meals. After accessing the website or downloading the app, its very easy to sign up for an account. It's free and all you need is your first and last name, an email and password, and a phone number or a Facebook account to sign up.


  • Tapingo keeps track of all orders made.
  • While ordering, you can select whether or not you want tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. In addition, there is a comments section that can be used to enter additional requests.
  • There's no need to sit there and calculate how many meals that are going to be used since Tapingo already does it when checking out.


  • There are two menus for every location, the meal equivalency menu and the menu. The meal equivalency menu only offers payment with all meals or 1 meal and points, while the menu only offers payment with points.
  • Tapingo can only be used at select locations.

Anyway, it's great for use during "rush hour." Now I can order food while in class, skip to the front of the line and pick up my food, and then be on my way in no more than 10 minutes, rather than stand in line and wait for my food then stand in line again to pay for it, which could take forever. My only requests are that Tapingo is available for all dining locations on campus (which should happen as time goes by), and it might not be bad if they added delivery. Overall, it was a good idea for Towson to offer Tapingo and everyone who pays tuition should definitely take advantage of it.

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