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Students’ Dilemma: What Am I Doing With My Life?

Those who are older and more settled-down would describe “the future” as brilliant and exciting, forgetting that when they were younger, growing up actually terrified them. The idea that in a short few semesters, we students must move on and graduate may petrify us. We hear about future jobs in our classes. We deal with the reality of what might happen to our romantic relationships in the future. At the same time, we also ponder if we will stay friends with the same people once everyone has moved away. The most important questions that replay in our minds usually involve our career choices and the romantic relationships. It is natural for us to want to know that everything will work out and for us to try to not make mistakes, but it’s another to worry ourselves sick.




Juniors and seniors are acutely aware that the clock is ticking and that the semesters are racing by. In general, we are all in dire need of internships and experience to be stable and eligible in the workforce. For some, the only option they have moving forward involves further education at graduate school. Whether or not we all have our “stuff” together, we worry if we are good enough. Will employers appreciate all the work that we have successfully completed, or will we be rejected and dejected, and forced to live with our parents until we are 25?




Financial woes are also on our minds. We are constantly borrowing money to get the degrees that we are told that we absolutely need. Well, I am here to tell you to take life one step at a time. Most people do not have everything perfectly planned out at the age of 21, and for those who do, more power to ya! Taking on one monumental aspect of life as it comes and gradually adding on more responsibilities is the way to go.




 Finishing degrees of study should be our main focus—we are students after all. So, figuring out which major or field is the best fit is crucial. At the same time, we may need to balance jobs to pay rent, book, and tuition bills all while having to schedule in homework and study time. It is very important to keep moving forward, studying, and not stretching ourselves too-thin with work shifts. After majors are declared and schedules for each semester are planned out and underway, then internships and getting related experience may be the next goal. As graduation nears, finishing all of the classes that are required and applying for employment is necessary. Applying for graduate school usually occurs either around this time or during the tail-end of junior year. Once you receive a job or have accepted a grad program, from there other options, such as housing situations, will work themselves out.




For many of us, life happens and plans change; but, having some sort of idea of what is to come in the near future is essential. We cannot ignore the fact that we must grow up and get serious. Concerning intimate relationships, they may occur during college or after, and may be fleeting or quite serious. If you are someone in a longer relationship, you wonder if it will last after graduation. If so, then definitely try to imagine yourself with this person for the long-haul. Do their morals align with yours? Do they have similar goals? Will they be in the same region as you are during their job searches? Having serious conversations with your partner may help ease worries, as they too may be feeling anxious about what is to come. Being open and honest is always the best option. If the relationship is meant to outlast late night bar crawls, study sessions, friend-group drama, and the demands of jobs and classes, then you two will find a way. However, do not be upset if you realize that a relationship may not be able to survive beyond campus and collegiate life.




All we can do as humans is try our best, take opportunities as they come, and take the future head-on. If things do not exactly work out the way that we picture, we need to keep going and accept natural ups and downs. Just relax, plan, and talk about your feelings with those you know can relate. Before you know it, you will have things figured out. Let life happen.



Hi! I currently attend Towson University with a double major in English and Mass Communication. I am actively involved on campus, and hope to inspire and aid as many collegiate women readers as possible.
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