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So you want to make friends huh? 5 Ways To Meet New People

I remember those sunny days at recess and everyone decides to play kickball. You find yourself in a long line of other snotty nose kids, when two co-captains start selecting people for teams. Bobby chooses his friend Shawn, and Susan picks Emily who with no coincidence is her best friend. As names are being called left and right, you realize that yours has not. To make matters worse, you’re the last pick. Of course it’s not by choice, but merely default that Emily picks you; because of course Bobby felt like girls had cooties.

This is the worst feeling ever and the story of my life…but it’s a different feeling, years later when you’re pushed in a busy, diverse campus, knowing no one. And that’s exactly how I felt when I first transferred to Towson. I used to think it was easier for freshman to make friends than for transfer students but then I realized it wasn’t easy for any one. I hated my first semester because I didn’t know anyone. The select few I did know were from class and we would only speak in passing. It wasn’t until my second semester that I knew things had to change.

One thing you need to know if this is your first year in college, or in general period. Friends aren’t going to fall in your lap. With anything, and I mean anything, you have to make the effort. Here are five ways to meet people on campus!

Get Uncomfortable

You are going to have to step out of your comfort zone, and the little space you have created within yourself. This self-realization from the jump is important.

Talk To People

I am really big when it comes to talking to random strangers. I blame it on the GA southern hospitality I have become custom to. Nine times out of ten, the person you talk to is new too. Introduce yourself and ask questions.

Get Active

The first two weeks of school are probably the best in my opinion. Not only are you giving tons of free goodies and food but also the student organization frenzy is bananas! There are going to be so many organizations that will draw you in. Now while, you shouldn’t be so quick to join every single club, this is the best way to meet other people especially those who share the same interest like you.


Go To Events

You might as well add an event planner to your school list because you will need it. There are going to be so many events, you’ll find yourself having to pick one or the other. This is another great way to meet new people.

Be The Friendly Dorm Neighbor

Now, I’m not saying being the crazy, annoying neighbor. But be personable. Knock on someone’s door, and introduce yourself. I remember my first year in college, two random guys. (Who were totally cute by the way) knocked on my door just to introduce themselves. They told me where they lived on my floor, and invited me to an event that evening.

Making friends is not easy, but if you actually make the effort you have already conquered half the battle. Make the best out of your college years, because once your done, you’re done. Enjoy the moment!  

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