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September Dorm of the Month: Shyla Chatlani and Alyssa McGraw

Welcome back to Towson everyone! I hope you’re comfortable and settled in. This year I will be featuring a segment known as “DOTM,” or dorm (or apartment) of the month. The purpose of this segment is to give others inspiration for their own dorms, and to illustrate real TU girls spaces. Send in pictures of your space to get a chance at being featured as next month’s dorm of the month, and have your space seen by thousands of girls! Send pictures to dcorne5@students.towson.edu

The first HerCampus Towson DOTM belongs to Sophomores Shyla Chatlani and Alyssa McGraw. They live in West Village in Barton House.

Shyla keeps her space elegant and simple.

Alyssa and Shyla both have body pillows. There great to lean up against when studying or on your laptop.

I chose Shyla and Alyssa’s room as the first DOTM because of its productive and organized nature. Shyla was my roommate last year and I think that one of the reasons we got along so well as roommates was because we both value an organized room. I believe that with an organized room you can be so much more productive and get much more done. Even if you’re not necessarily an organized person, keep your dorm neat! Even if your roomie says the mess doesn’t bother her, unless she’s a messy person too…keep things tidy. The mess could really bug her and get on her nerves but she probably doesn’t want to start an argument with you.

Mini Q &A with deaf studies Major Shyla Chatlani:

 • Q: Who is your roommate and how do you know her?
A: Allysa McGraw. We lived on the same floor last year

 • Q: What’s your favorite room accessory and why?
A: My desk calendar, because I can see everything and when it’s due. It’s a great visual for my assignments and events.

 • Q: What do you like about living in Barton?
A: My own bathroom!

 • Q: What do you dislike about living in Barton?
A: How far it is from the main campus

 • Q: If you could change one thing about you’re dorm, what would it be?
A: The shower pressure is really bad, it would be really nice if it was stronger so it didn’t take me so long to shower.

      Keep your desk uncluttered so you have plenty of room to spread your books and get your work done.

6) Q: Is there anything of sentimental value in your dorm?
A: All of my pictures. It’s nice to be reminded of everyone back at home. (Shyla is from East Rutherford New Jersey)

Be sure to send in pictures of your dorm or apartment to get a chance at being featured on the HerCampus Towson Website!!! Send pictures to dcorne5@students.towson.edu and title your email DOTM.

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