Sabre Takes Personal Safety To Next Level

The leading corporation in consumer safety and law enforcement products, Sabre, donated over $1.7 million for the National Breast Cancer Foundation with their pink personal alarm. The personal alarm with a key ring comes in black and red; the red version benefiting the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.

The slender design of the keychain was easy to attach to my key ring. It conveniently attaches to backpacks and purses, plus the batteries are included upon purchase.

The alarm is activated by pulling the metal chain from the device which will sound the 120-decibel alarm. It is apparent that the alarm will distract your attacker, it might even make their ears bleed. Especially, in a closed space.

So that I could really test the abilities of the alarm, I sounded it in one of District of Columbia’s most popular nightlife spots: DuPont Circle. It was important for me to find out how well the alarm worked in open areas.

I pulled the alarm around midnight on a Friday night, a time that inebriated people frequently roam the area. I realized the only downside to the key chain is that the sound was not loud enough for nearby people to hear unless they were about 5 feet away.

The overall idea of a personal alarm meant to deter attackers is fantastic, but if it is not loud enough to alert people within your vicinity it may not be 100 percent effective when you are in immediate danger.

Do not fear ladies! The personal alarm is still a safety product I would attach to my key ring. For added safety, I recommend Sabre’s pepper spray which is the number one trusted safety product amongst police and consumers.