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From ROTC to “House of Cards,” Victor Marquart!

U.S. Army ROTC Member, aspiring entrepreneur, an extra on House of Cards and a loyal boyfriend — Meet Victor, Towson’s celeb for this week!

What do you do?

Current sophomore Victor Marquart is a member of the Army ROTC program here at campus and is a National Guards man with the 253rd engineer company (also known as Sapper). Being in ROTC, Victor has set requirements – both physical and academic – that he needs to meet. Tough as it may be, Victor owes much of his success to the disciplinary regime and opportunities provided by the military program.

ROTC members attend physical training or “PT” three times a week at 6:15 (yes, in the morning!) for an hour of high intensity training. On top of that, Victor is in constant academic competition. The higher his GPA, the higher his chances are of obtaining an 8-year contract with the United States Army that will commission him as an officer upon college graduation.

What sparked your interest in ROTC?

His interest started back in high school at the Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy. “I have always been fond of the idea of serving my country,” Marquart said. “…and what better way to do it than becoming an Army officer!”

How has this created connections for you personally? Academically? Socially?

Marquart has had the opportunity to fly in Blackhawk helicopters (seen below), was notably an extra in the Original Netflix series House of Cards (seen in the second picture below, directly above Mr. Kevin Spacey’s left shoulder), has met personally with great military leaders, and has created long lasting bonds with fellow ROTC members.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years Marquart sees himself as an Army officer and entrepreneur. On top of his military requirements, he currently has a patent and prototype that he is trying to sell to food industry companies. “I am extremely grateful of the support from my family, friends, and my girlfriend to have pushed me to the point in my life that I am at right now.” He says.

What do you want people to take away from this interview?

“If you can only take one thing away from this article, I would say to look at this quote from Manny Khoshbin,  ‘I am no different than you are, I just choose to work hard and to never give up!’ With anything I do I want to be the best and won’t stop till I am on top. I hope that with this interview you plan to do something great in your life that makes you happy and successful.”

Victor Marquart, everyone. 


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