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Robbie Reed ’12 & Joshua Collins ’13

Name: Robbie Reed

Year: Senior

Major: Computer Information Systems

Favorite Place To Eat On Campus: Newell!

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings & Braveheart

Three Words To Describe Yourself: Dapper, Suave, and Clever

Relationship Status: SINGLEEEE!!!!

Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings… all of them… of course!

Talents: I have a knack with a cast iron skillet and I am pretty awesome at spelling.  I can spell the s*** out of some words.

Fun Facts: I’m really into movies!  The blood of Baltimore runs in my veins!

What Do You Look For In A Girl: Independent, Funny, can put up with me, and sometimes I like a little attitude.  I also appreciate a good breakfast!

(From Left to Right: Robbie Reed and Josh Collins)

Name: Josh Collins

Year: Junior

Relationship status: Single

Major: Business Administration

Favorite place to eat on campus: P-Tuxt!

Favorite Movie: My favorite all time movie is Euro-Trip

Three words to describe yourself: Shy, Easygoing, and Chipper 

Favorite book: The Jack Reacher Series

Talents: Paintball!  I am on the Towson paintball team!

Fun Facts: I want to open up my own concert venue!

What do you look for in a girl: Relaxed, down to earth, normal, and real!

Hello, My name is Caitlin Long. I am currently a senior at Towson University. I am the Campus Cutie Editor for the Towson University Branch :)
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