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NBA All-Star Weekend




If you missed All-Star weekend 2014, you missed one of the best games of the season, as the best of the East came together to battle best of the West and make one epic night in NBA history. The East’s starting line-up included: Kire Irving (point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers), Dwayne Wade (shooting guard for the Miami Heat), LeBron James (small forward for the Miami Heat), Paul George (small forward for the Indiana Pacers), and Carmelo Anthony (small forward for the New York Knicks).

Starting for the West: Stephen Curry (point guard for the Golden State Warriors), James Harden (shooting guard for the Houston Rockets), Kevin Durant (small forward for the Okhlahoma City Thunder), Blake Griffin (power forward for L.A. Clippers), Kevin Love (power forward Minnesota Timberwolves).

The game started with the West beating the East 44-42 at the end of the first quarter and 45-34 by the end of the second quarter; but in the third and fourth quarters the East advanced with a score of 47-37 and 40-29, and ultimately took the win beating the West with an overall score of 163-155. The East’s score alone broke the record for the most points scored in a game since the West scored 155 points in the all-star game of 2003. Combined both teams achieved a total of 318 points, which is 15 more than the previous record of 303 st in 1987. The West broke records attempting 56 three’s. And taking home MVP this year was Kire Irving, scoring 31 points and 12 assists throughout the night.

In addition to the all-star game, the weekend consisted of events such as the celebrity game, the Rising Stars Challenge, and the dunk contest. The celebrity game included a host of celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Erin Heatherton, Nick Cannon, Snoop Dogg, Wale, Jesse Williams, Michael B. Jordan, Arne Duncan, and many more. The game resulted with a win for the East of 60-56, and United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as MVP.  The three point contest consisted of Kire Irving, Bradley Beal, Joe Johnson, Arron Afflalo, Stephen Curry, Marco Belinelli, Kevin Love, and Damian Lillard. Marco Belinelli, taking home the title. In the dunk contest there was a remarkable dunk by Washington Wizards point guard John Wall. So remarkable in fact that he won Slam Dunk Champ, and Dunker of the night!

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