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I spend a lot of my time watching YouTube videos and I know I am not the only one. You can find just about anything you want to know by simply going on to YouTube. I like videos about makeup, fashion, beauty, and fitness. I basically watch the most videos on the things I said above. Now to the YouTubers. I came across these specific YouTubers by searching what I wanted to know and it gave me these accounts.

·       Alyssa Forever is super creative when it comes to her makeup and fashion tips. She is not selfish at all and loves sharing with her subscribers where she gets something from!

·       MsAaliyahJay is a fashionable icon from New York up to date on the latest trends. She is super entertaining and keeps it real with whatever she has to say.

·       Tootsie Time is located in the United Kingdom and has an awesome accent. She has the best dance moves and is definitely not afraid to express her true self.

·       Raven Elyse shares her life with her subscribers and although she doesn’t consider herself a makeup artist she has the best tutorials on makeup on her channel.

·       Diana Saldana is so sweet and down to earth and is extremely thankful for her subscribers. She’s always on snapchat giving updates and advice and she also has a blog that she shares her stylish outfits on!

I recommend going to check out these YouTubers, you definitely won’t regret it. They are super fun to watch!

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