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Interview With Dave and Ethan, The Dating Coaches

On September 3, I had the privilege of attending the comedy show, “Dave and Ethan: College Dating Coaches”. I walked in expecting to be one of few people, but the Chesapeake Room filled up quickly. The show began with Dave and Ethan introducing themselves and telling the crowd a little of how they got there.

The two men started out as unknowns, just hoping to get a couple double dates with a YouTube video. The results were almost more than they could handle- thousands and thousands of girls sent in video replies asking for a double date. That’s when they began on their journey. Since then, the men have been on over 200 double dates, The Tonight Show, The Colbert Report, The Millionaire Matchmaker, and more. They now gofrom university to university, spreading their knowledge and experiences with students.

The show started out with them impersonating the “typical freshman girl’s move-in week”, which was just so accurate. From complaining about getting placed in the Towers instead of West Village, to “detrippling that b*tch” when placed in a triple, these guys know where it’s at! They started it out with hardcore laughs, and just didn’t stop. They really spoke to every individual in the room, whether it be making fun of girls wearing leggings as pants, or asking the guys their favorite make out song. I really can’t emphasize how well these guys just understand it. Any girl out there had an embarrassing “Umm… Can he really not get my bra off?” moment? They touched on that (no pun intended). How about the guy that just doesn’t get dancing is different from dry humping? They know that too well.

Image via Jamie Lee

After the show, I decided to catch up with the men personally and ask them a few questions. I was nervous the entire time and couldn’t get over how adorable Ethan was, but this is how it went down:

Me: “What is your ideal first date?”

Ethan: “The ideal first date is… Maybe just drinks? Or coffee? Maybe in a nice, small, romantic bistro? You know, get to know somebody, talk a little. Just keep it cas’.”

Dave: “You know, nothing too crazy. I don’t want to hear about ex-boyfriends or politics. Just keep it light.”

Ethan: “Yeah, you don’t wanna go too balls-to-the wall on the first date because then you have nothing to look forward to.”

Dave: (sarcastically): “Maybe some making out, you know at the end.”

Me: “…Okay, now for my second question. What is your number one dating advice for girls?”

Ethan: “Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Don’t be afraid. The guys would LOVE if the girl made the first move. The thing is, the girl has to make the move, or at least should. But after that, the guy has to follow up. You can’t have the girl making all the moves. “

Dave: “So a lot of guys want to ask girls out but don’t have the balls to, and would be totally thrilled if the girl did it.”

Ethan (as Dave is playing with a pen in his hair): “A lot of girls won’t ask a guy out because they do weird things like shove pens through their hair, or have a JewFro… But yeah, that’s important. Don’t make that second move, force the guy to.”

Overall, I was thrilled with my experience. I enjoyed every second of the show, and would go again in a second. The guys are cute, single, and funny. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a better combination! 

Make sure you check out Dave and Ethan on Twitter! 

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