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How to Survive the Professor from Hell

Having a good relationship with a professor makes that class so much more enjoyable; however, it is not always possible to have that kind of relationship. Shit happens. I got a D in a class last semester, and I am taking that same professor now, and I have to take her again next semester. How fun. I love this. (I told her I was on the verge of having a panic attack and that I couldn’t come to class and she said to stop being afraid like ???? Thank you for the advice!) Anyway. I’m writing this article for myself because I need to know how tf to get through her classes.


  1. Bury your feelings. Bury them deep af. No one needs them. They’re unproductive.

  2. Talk shit about that prof behind their back. It’s crazy fun

  3. Make her cookies. Put poison in them.

  4. Become a teacher’s pet just to annoy them

  5. Make sure they know that other people like you

  6. Make sure they know that you’re a fuckin awesome person (maybe wear a shirt that says “I’m fuckin awesome”)

  7. (Confidence is key in this situation)

  8. Secretly hate the people who do like this professor

  9. Um, maybe try changing your opinion of the prof? (Unlikely that this’ll work but hey you’ve got to at least try)


In case your professor does not disappear under suspicious circumstances, there are some more realistic things that you can do in order to make the semester less miserable.


  1. Bond with other people who don’t like this professor in order to validate your feelings

  2. Communicate over email in order to limit face-to-face contact

  3. Know that you’ll have the chance to write a scathing review of this professor at the end of the semester

  4. Reward yourself for getting through a class

  5. Use your breathing techniques when you need to calm yourself down

  6. Know that this professor probably doesn’t actually have anything against you

  7. And if they do have something against you, know that they’ll be just as excited for you to leave as you will be.

  8. Always know that your relationship with a professor does not determine your worth. You are bigger than this person’s opinion of you.

And lastly, talk to someone if you need to. The counseling center is a great resource. You can find more information at http://www.towson.edu/counseling/

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