How I Got Six Pairs of Lululemon Leggings for Forty Dollars

             Lululemon is one of the top brands for leggings, but their prices are not ideal. Yes, the quality of pant is superior and the leggings are very flattering on every body type, but who wants to pay 100 dollars for every pair of leggings? Not me. That is for sure. I have tried Amazon dupes and other brands, and nothing is quite like the Lulu’s. So, how did I find myself with six new pairs of Lululemon leggings without breaking the bank? Two words: Thrift. Shopping.

              I am an avid thrifter. I love going to places such as Goodwill and Savers to try and find the best deals. Plus, thrifting is good for the planet because it is reusing clothes. My goal when I go thrifting is to find cute clothes that are either good as they are or that I can alter into something new and amazing. However, I also like to keep a lookout for brand name clothing, because who doesn’t like getting brand name clothing for a fraction of the original price?

              So, on to how I found the deal of the century. I was sitting in my dorm going through my emails when an email from Savers popped up saying that they were having a half-off clothes, shoes, and accessories sale that upcoming Saturday. I was supposed to be saving money but knew I had to go. I mean come on! Half-off things that are already cheap? Yes, please. So, my roommate and I headed to Savers Saturday morning and the place was packed.

              I was looking through the leggings in hopes of finding a cute new pair since I basically live in leggings. I had found a pair of Lululemon leggings on a prior trip and was hoping to find another pair, but the chances of that happening again were slim to none. Imagine my surprise when I pushed a pair of leggings aside and saw the Lululemon logo. I froze for a moment and all I could think was 'no way'. It gets better. As I pick up the leggings, I notice the pair next to them also had the Lululemon symbol, and the next, and the next. A total of nine pairs of Lululemon leggings just hanging there.

              Of course, I instantly grabbed all of them because at 13 dollars a pair with half off making them 6.50, I couldn’t pass up that deal. They were all black with slight differences in length and design and then one pair of bike shorts. I put the shorts back and then gave my friend a few pairs to try on. The fates must have been smiling down on us because every single pair fit perfectly and was in great condition. We aren’t sure if the leggings had ever even been worn.

              So that is how I ended up with six pairs of Lululemon leggings for 40 dollars. Thrift shopping may not always end up with great finds or even any finds sometimes, but the trick is to not give up and to have patience. Eventually, the thrift store jackpot will occur, and you will find something amazing while also saving your money. Plus, it’s helping the environment, so it is a win-win.