Healthy Snacks to Keep in Your Dorm Room

Now that summer is officially coming to an end, it is important to prepare for a fresh and new start to the semester. One thing that always helps me transition into a new environment or situation is being prepared. When you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail. There are many ways to prepare when it comes to moving back to school. The best way to make sure you have energy and excitement while transitioning back to living either on or off campus is to make sure you are taking care of your body by providing it with the essential nutrients it needs. We all know what clothes we want to pack, the decorations we want to display in our rooms, etc. But one thing that I have noticed over the past two years at Towson is how many students need help on knowing what to eat and where. I am here to help provide some personal experience and knowledge when it comes to what healthy snacks to keep on hand throughout the semester.

            First of all, many students are constantly on the go. Whether they are on their way to class, the gym, a job, or the library, often times there seems to be the lack of time that many college students would value to have more. For me, I always like to start my day with some kind of healthy breakfast.  It is so important for students to get their metabolism going in the morning so the body has energy to use. I personally like to keep on hand granola bars and protein bars for those mornings where I can’t sit down and eat breakfast (trust me, this happens to all of us). Some great brands of bars that I love are Kashi, Luna, Quest, and Clif bars. These all have a healthy amount of fiber, protein, and sugar that will help with nourishing the body. These are great when you are short on time, walking to class, driving to work, or just throwing in your backpack or purse for when you get hungry.  Because I like to balance out my breakfast with the right amount of vitamins and minerals, I often pair my protein or granola bar with a piece of fresh fruit. Bananas, apples, berries, grapes, etc. are awesome fruits that will enhance your bodies functioning. Last but not least, I always have Greek yogurt in my fridge because it is packed with protein and calcium. Grab a spoon and you can enjoy it while walking to class!

            Another time that I find helpful to have a healthy snack on hand is during class. Depending on when your classes are and how busy your day is, it can be useful to keep some snacks that are appropriate along with you. My favorite snacks for during class are a baggy of trail mix (homemade or store bought), dry cereal, or a smoothie (either pre-made or purchased from the on campus Jamba Juice). These snacks are healthy, quiet to eat while in class, and don’t leave a mess on your desk. I like making my own trail mix because then I know exactly what is in it and that the ingredients are all natural and wholesome. One of my favorite combinations is raw almonds, dark chocolate chips, and raisins.  When buying cereal to pack for class I like to look for cereal with the fewest ingredients, whole grain, low on sugar and higher in fiber. These are just a few of the healthy snacks that can easily be enjoyed during class time.

            Here are my ideas for healthy snacks to keep stocked up on in your dorm room or apartment. I always have fresh fruit, whole wheat bread, veggies (I love raw baby carrots and broccoli), Greek yogurt, all natural peanut butter, baked chips, pretzels, nuts, almond milk or skim milk, and some healthy lean meats like turkey and chicken. It is always helpful to have your place fully stocked with essential foods like the ones I just listed because you won’t have an excuse for pigging out on junk food or not having healthful meals. 

            In order for these healthy preparations to be made, here are some tips on where to find the foods and snacks that I previously mentioned. There are several local grocery stores right around campus like Giant, Target, Safeway, Trader Joes, and Fresh Market. These are all great options when it comes to saving money and having a wide selection of products to choose from. There are definitely going to be times where you cannot make a trip off campus to a grocery store, but that is no problem at all. Two great options that are both on campus for stocking up on healthy snacks are the dining halls and the mini marts. You can always grab some fresh fruit on your way out of the dining halls to keep in your room. The mini mart in Glen and West Village are both convenient and help you save money because you can purchase your groceries with the meals left over on your one card. 

            Students truly benefit from staying energized throughout the day, saving time and money, gaining the benefits from healthy snacking, focusing on class and assignments, and just feeling better overall. I really hope some of my favorite preparation tips for healthy eating helps you enjoy your semester even more. Now that you have more insight on how to prepare healthy snacks and what to have during certain occasions of the day, I hope that you can utilize your options and make for a great, healthy semester. And remember, when you fail to plan on what healthy choices you can make, you are just planning to fail. So prepare, and enjoy!