Halloween Costumes Using Oversized T-Shirts

Does the cost of costumes spook you out? Well, it’s that time of the year and you may not   want to spend $30 or up on a costume you’ll most likely wear once.  All you need is a T-shirt, some fabric paint, fabric markers, and even a sharpie!  That will help turn a simple tee into a spook-tacular costume for any party you’ll be attending.  Remember sometimes you should ball on a budget!  Here are just a few ideas that turn a plain oversized tee sitting into costumes that are easy, fun, and cute.

Let’s get started ...

A Cat

This one is simple, but with a couple of accessories, you make it your own.  Try using an oversized black shirt with some black shorts or leggings from home.  Purchase some cat ears from your local party store with a choker to add some spunk and you’ll be set!  You could even use some liquid eyeliner from your makeup bag to add some whiskers and cat like features to your face.  Grab any eyeshadow palette for the smoky eye effect and you’ll be turning heads in no time.


Feeling a bit sweet? 

For this costume, pick any color tee of your choice.  Just use white fabric paint to put a large “m” on your shirt.  A nice pair of chucks or vans go great with this costume!  Your friends could also join in the sweetness by doing different M&M colors with you!

Netflix and Chill

This could be perfect for you and your best friend!

Grab a red or blue tee and add the words Netflix on the red shirt and Chill on the blue.  Doing this with a friend would look great when taking pictures!  Add some knee-high socks and some chucks to create the perfect combination of cute but edgy.



Grab a plain shirt and maybe cut some of the bottom so it flares out and add a few tears!  Match this with a pair of high white chucks and some red lipstick.  You’d turn something as simple as a ghost into a costume everyone loves!

Peanut Butter & Jelly                                                                        

It’s peanut butter jelly time!

Invite a friend to join in on this duo costume.  All it takes is a pink or brown shirt.  Using some fabric paint to add the words in.  You can add any shoes of your choice to make the outfit pop.  You could also add some shimmering eyeshadow to make your eyes standout.

What better way to celebrate Halloween than showing off your costume with your best friend?

There are plenty of ideas out there for you to create straight from your closet.  A couple of accessories added and some fabric paint could turn a plain shirt into a creative costume everyone will want!  The great thing about these costumes is that they can be quickly done on your own or a fun project with some friends! These oversized tees are comfy and trendy for the night of Halloween.