Get More For Your Money

Now is the time to use the free time and money you have to experience life. Once college is finished and you have a full-time job, you might not be able to go away for the weekend or spontaneously decide to go into the city in the middle of the week. So, spend money on experiences! Yes, that top at Urban Outfitters was adorable, but that day trip to New York will provide way more memories.

An experience can give you life experience, stories to tell, and memories to look back on. Plus, an experience lasts longer than the act of buying something. Sure, buying that new phone case or a pair of new shoes is great, but once you spend that money the experience is over. You get to use what you bought, but does it create the same satisfaction and memory an experience does? Probably not.

That seven dollars in your pocket? Go spend it on a breakfast with Santa or buy a bus ticket to the closest city. Ask yourself: 'Do I really need another t-shirt or a new purse?'. Go to a park or head to the mountains and go for a hike. Maybe go out for lunch after. Do something that is more than shopping online or going to the mall. Try looking up Groupons for activities near you. Look up upcoming events and programs offered in your area.

Life is about more than just existing day by day. Life is about living. Living and seeing the world, and all the beautiful things it has to offer. When you’re old and gray, you won’t remember those American Eagle jeans you bought in college or those earrings you wore four times. But you'll remember that trip were you and your friends laughed endlessly. Someone fell down a hill but was okay, so you laughed more and found a hole in the wall diner with the best fried chicken. Those are the things that you will remember. Think long term. Spend that money on something that you will have long term. Nothing is more long term than a memory.