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Get A Jump On Spring Cleaning

Spring has officially sprung and the snow is finally starting to melt away, which means that it’s time to start Spring Cleaning! Spring Cleaning can be difficult to start, but here are a few tips to help you get in the cleaning mood:

1. Look good, feel good.

Cleaning is always more fun when you look good doing it. So, tie a bandana on your head, put on some winged eyeliner, and slip into a cute t-shirt. Then, feel free to snap a selfie and Snapchat it to your friends or even post it on Instagram. You look awesome, so flaunt it.

2. Start with your laundry.

To start on Spring Cleaning, lead with laundry. If you throw your laundry in first, it’ll give you some time structures to work your cleaning schedule around. Be sure to wash your towels and sheets, too.

3. Fold your laundry.

As soon as your laundry is done, take it out of the dryer and fold it immediately, instead of leaving it in the basket for a few days. Then, put it in its proper place in your dressers and drawers. You’ll feel organized and have a variety of outfits to choose from for the coming week.

4. Do some dusting!

Dusting is spiritually cleansing. You won’t believe how much dust gathers on your desk or your dresser in just a week. Seeing all that dust on your paper towel or cloth will make you feel so much cleaner, inside and out.

5. Back to basics.

Remember the basics: vacuuming, Clorox-ing, sweeping, mopping, and Windex-ing.

6. Turn it into a workout.

With all of the moving around you’ll be doing, why not turn your cleaning session into a workout session, too. In between rooms or tasks, throw in a few sets of arm, leg, or ab workouts. That way you’ll be getting more than just your home in shape.

7. Make an awesome playlist.

Nothing is a better motivator than music, so make a playlist full of awesome songs to get you pumped up. It’s a great distraction during those menial chores. My previous “Get It, Girl” playlist is one that I clean to. You can find it here.

8. Make your bed.

Now that your sheets are clean, make your bed! Making the bed is often a forgotten daily chore, since most mornings are spent hurrying around before running late to class. Straightening your blankets and pillows will make you feel even neater.

9. Organize your school papers.

Even though this isn’t a conventional Spring Cleaning task, organizing your schoolwork will help you feel more orderly. So, hole punch your papers and put them in your binders. Throw out the trash at the bottom of your backpack. Order your books and folders by class, so you’ll be able to grab them quicker when you need them.

10. Cleanse your body and your mind.

For Spring Cleaning to be most effective, you need to feel clean and fresh all over. So, set out that specific day to get all your chores done. Once everything is finished, do some yoga or meditation, write down how your feeling in a journal, drink a cold glass of water, take a hot bath or shower, wash your face, moisturize, and get an early night’s sleep!

Spring Cleaning is all about cleansing away the chapped winter and feeling fresh again: physically, emotionally, and mentally. So, it’s time to freshen up and let spring back in!

Katie is a senior, and mass communications major on the advertising track with a minor in electronic media and film. Katie loves movies, especially Clue, but the full list is much longer! Her hobbies include writing, watching hilarious YouTube videos, listening to old '80s hits on repeat, and learning all about the hot new memes. 
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