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Get Healthy With Chelsea! Week Four: The Hunger Games

It’s too easy to fall into bad habits. One bad day, and your motivation can be squelched, because you’re too tired, or maybe too hungry. Excuses become a usual thing—I feel really tired after class, so I’ll just go to the gym later. I went to the gym today, so maybe it’s okay if I have fries with my meal.

Sometimes a salad just isn't enough--but what's healthy AND filling?

I won’t lie, I have moments and days where I make excuses for myself, too. But who is it really impacting? I’m the one who’s going to suffer internally by eating that candy bar, when I’m trying to train myself to eat healthier foods. I’m the one who will get bummed out and feel sluggish by not going to the gym. I’m the one who wants to look and feel good. I’m the one my choices are going to impact. It’s my responsibility to take care of myself, nobody else’s.

That being said, it’s hard to eat well on campus! Let’s face it—the majority of food options here are greasy and sometimes questionable, so we stick to what we know: Chik-fil-A, pizza, and heavily dressing’ed salads. Any attempt to eat healthy may work for a few days, but then what? You can only eat salads and sandwiches so many times before they start getting boring. People need more variety, and unfortunately there’s not much here.

You can get water anywhere on campus!

One thing I do know—there’s water available everywhere! Also, as part of our campus’ Go Green effort, it is free to get water from any fountain in any dining hall when using a reusable bottle. Bonus!

When making food choices on campus, it’s very important not to eat with your eyes. Meaning, don’t let yourself get so hungry throughout the day that you grab everything you see once you get to a dining hall. You can help avoid becoming too hungry by eating snacks between meals, especially if your classes are back to back during a meal time. Good snack choices are trail mix, crackers, and granola bars.

Eating between classes helps curb hunger and boost matabolism

To be perfectly honest, I’m not even sure what the healthiest options on campus even are. It’s something I’ve struggled with both this semester and last semester. When I’m not sure, I try to chose what I think would be considered healthier. I’ve been trying to avoid heavily fried foods, sticking to wraps and sandwiches, but the dressings on these sometimes make them just as bad as other options.

So tell me, what do you think are healthy options on campus?

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