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The Freshman 15: 15 Things You Didn’t Think To Bring & Shouldn’t Forget For Your Dorm

Here is the ULTIMATE list of what you do and do not need for your freshmen year at Towson, brought to you by the fabulous Orientation leader, Kristen Coffey

1. Over The Door Hooks/Storage, a Yes and No Depending On Where You Live

Depending on where you live on campus, over the door storage and hooks may or may not work. If you live in the Towers, your closet doors are sliding doors so you cannot hang anything on them. If you live in West Village, some over the door hooks work. You should try out the hooks on your doors when you move in and don’t take the tags off just in case you have to return them.

2. Shelving For The Bathroom (Suite Style Dorm)

If you live in the Towers or West Village, you should consider buying little drawers or a small shelving unit to place in your bathroom. Your bathrooms have the space for it so it’s a nice place to store any bathroom belongings you don’t want to keep out.

3. Over The Bed Shelves

Over the bed shelves are amazing. You can find ones that are 44” wide now at Bed Bath & Beyond that fit perfectly over any dorm bed and are great spots to decorate or keep small things in bins. You can even hang cute lights or pictures from this shelf!

4. Under the Bed Storage

The beds can be raised so you may want to consider looking into storage or drawers to put under your bed to maximize the space in your room. There are so many options when it comes to under the bed storage, check out Target or Walmart for ideas!

5. A camel back or reusable water bottle

You can easily fill up the water bottle at water fountains and in dining halls so you don’t have to spend meals and points on buying extra water bottles and you can save the environment!

6. A reusable coffee mug

This is great for filling up for some morning coffee in a dining hall on your way to class! You’ll be going green and looking super cute with your own personalized mug.

7. Desk Lamp

If you like to read or just need some extra light, invest in a desk lamp or a mini reading light for your bed.

8. Shower Caddy (Community Bathroom Style Dorms)

Bring some kind of shower caddy if you live in a community bathroom dorm.  

9. Mini Tool Kit

A mini tool kit is probably the handiest thing you can have! If something breaks or you need a little fix, having a tool kit will help you out. Ask your parents or maybe some friends down the hall to help you fix it.

10. Iron & Ironing Board

Don’t like wrinkly clothes? Look into purchasing a mini iron and ironing board or a steamer to fix those wrinkles! They are super handy and easy to store in your closet or under your bed.

11. Sewing Kit

Hit up the craft store and pick up a mini sewing kit. It will be extremely helpful when you get a little snag or a button falls off! Don’t know how to sew? Check out YouTube for some informational videos.

12. Quarters for Laundry

Quarters are the easiest way to pay for laundry unless you have retail points loaded on your OneCard. Laundry costs $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry so start collecting quarters or stop by the bank.

13. Drying Rack

A mini drying rack is a great thing for your room if you don’t want to dry some of your nicer shirts. The dryers can easily shrink the cute clothes you have, so save money and just hang them up to dry instead!

14.  Lanyard and Cute ID case

The easiest way to keep track of your dorm key and OneCard is if you get a lanyard and a cute ID case! This way everything is on one string and you can’t lose them. The Univeristy Store has adorable Towson lanyards if you want some Tiger pride, otherwise you can find lanyards and ID cases everywhere.

15. Rainboots

Last things you shouldn’t forget are rainboots, a rain jacket and an umbrella! Don’t get caught in the rain because then your whole bag and books will be soaked. Always check the weather and be prepared for that chance of rain.

Of course if you forgot any of this stuff you can buy it at the Target after-hours event during orientation weekend. Can’t wait to meet you all :)

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